Peru Gr.1 Cenfrocafe Cajamarca (Medium Roast)


Origin: Peru

100% Arabica beans

A good stronger cup of coffee – a very floral aroma – semi-sweet chocolate tones – a little hint of brightness with good body – Smooth and clean. Very versatile everyday drinker.
We like this coffee at a medium to dark roast. Try extending the roast at the light to medium roast points to build a little more body and undertones. 220 small-scale coffee producers created the cooperative as a central association in 1999, representing eleven local communities. Nowadays, they have grown to a membership of 1900 households in the provinces of Jaén, San Ignacio and Bagua.  Through training, technical support, credit and marketing support, the association wants to strengthen the local coffee communities, improve the quality of the coffee and find better international markets for the benefit of its members.
CENFROCAFE – Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros

Viva Peru




Due to the freshness of our coffee we recommend all coffee is stored in an “Airscape Coffee Canister” at room temperature, you can find an “Airscape Coffee Canister” in our online shop!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 8 x 23 cm
Weight Per Bag

5lb Bag ($ 85.00) $17.00 per lb, 1lb Bag ($ 21.00), 2lb Bag ($ 41.00)


Whole Bean: Do not grind, Extra Coarse Grind: Cold Brewing, like the Toddy Brewer, Coarse Grind: French Press Pot, Cupping, Coarse – Medium Grind : Stove Top Perculator., Coarse – Medium Grind +: Electric Perculator, Some Solo Brewer, Chemex Brewer., Medium Grind: Home Drip, Medium Grind +: Single-cup Coffee Maker, Keurig, Verisimo, Comercial Drip Brewers., Medium Grind++: Stovetop Espresso Maker or Moka pot, Medium Fine Grind: Pour Over Cones, Fine Grind: Vacuum Pots, Siphon Brewers, Fine Grind +: AeroPress, Fine Grind ++: Home Manual Espresso,, Fine Grind+++: Commercial Manual Espresso Machines, Extra Fine Grind: Turkish Coffee


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